About Me

Experienced Dynamics 365 Finans & Operations / Dynamics AX developer specialized in performance tuning. I have since 1997 been part of or advised on more than 100 Dynamics 365 Operations / Dynamics AX projects in Europe and the USA.

Author of the AX programming book called MORPHX IT which is available in 4 languages and sold to Dynamics AX partners and AX customers in more than 50 countries.

Experienced on any versions Dynamics 365 F&O / Dynamics AX on all technical aspects. I have integration to
a wide range of systems, customizing installations to a wide range of branches. I am specialized in working on large ERP installations, and I have in the past worked on creating the standard Dynamics AX system.

Performance Optimization

I am specialized in performance optimize and doing assessments of Dynamics 365 F&O /
Dynamics AX installations. Experienced in getting ERP installations back on track where performance and stability have not met the expected requirements.

I have strong analytic skills that I use to research and review a large number of materials for ERP installations. I have worked on arbitration cases and as an expert witness. I can advise on and prepare for arbitration on it-disputes.

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