Steen Andreasen - Freelance Dynamics AX DeveloperMy name is Steen Andreasen. I am an experienced freelance Dynamics AX developer.

I have worked with Dynamics AX since the very first beta was released in 1997. I was a team member on the very first AX project localizing AX for the Turkish market. For 4½ years I was a part of the team who designed and programmed the HRM modules for AX. Besides I have worked for two large AX consultant companies. Since 2007 I have worked as a freelance AX developer.

I have experience with both designing and programming AX verticals and AX customer solutions. I have been a team member on about 50 different AX projects in Europe and the USA with roles as AX developer, Architect or Technical Manager. I have development experience on any AX modules in the standard package and I have experience on how to integrate AX with a wide range of programs. I have a special knowledge on the HRM modules as I know the full history since the first release of the HRM modules.

Feel free to contact me for my full CV.

Steen Andreasen

AX check

Do you know the state of your Dynamics AX system? Do your customization apply to best practice in AX? Are you able to track any changes done for your customizations in AX?

If you can answer yes to all questions, you are probably on right track. If not, it might be the time for a quality check of your AX system.

I have a long experience analyzing Dynamics AX installations to evaluate the quality of customization and to advice on how to organize AX development projects. All with focus on better user experience, better performance and to reduce the maintain cost.


MORPHX IT - Dynamics AX programming book

In 2006 I wrote and published the first AX programming book MORPHX IT which is available in 3 languages and sold to Dynamics AX partners and AX customers in more than 50 countries.

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More about MORPHX IT here.